DATE: 07/16/13


Hol Bull Cfs N/T
Hol Hfr Cfs N/T
Started Bull & Steer Cfs $130-$2900 HD
Started Hfr Cfs N/T
Brk/Ut/Com Cows $70-$85
Cut/Bon Cows $60-$69
Shelly/Lite Cows $35-$55
Hol Hfrs $76-88
Heiferettes N/T
Slaughter Bulls $75-$88
Holstein Strs 275-400# N/T
Holstein Strs 400-500# N/T
Holstein Strs 500-600# (589-$94.50) $91-$94.50
Holstein Strs 600-700# (607-$91.50) $91-$94.50
Holstein Strs 700-800# N/T
Holstein Strs 800-1000 (820-$87)(898-$89.50)(947-$87.50)(1018-$88.50) $87-$89.50
Holstein Strs Over 1000# N/T
Choice Strs 300-400# N/T
Choice Strs 400-500# N/T
Choice Strs 500-600# N/T
Choice Strs 600-700# N/T
Choice Strs 700-800# N/T
Choice Strs 800-1000# N/T
Choice Hfrs 300-400# N/T
Choice Hfrs 400-500# N/T
Choice Hfrs 500-600# N/T
Choice Hfrs 600-700# N/T
Choice Hfrs 700-800# N/T
Choice Hfrs 800-1000# N/T
Pairs N/T
Stock Cows N/T


The packers are now requiring certification letters from the sellers certifying that their cattle has no foreign material, have not been fed any animal protein or bone meal which might give them Mad Cow disease or have drug residue, a Country of Origin and that you have not bought from a repeat drug violator. Please stop by the office to sign a certification letter and affidavit.

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