DECEMBER 22, 2017

The Butcher market showed another decrease this week.  The Feeder market was also down from the week. We would like to Thank all our buyers and Consignors for their continued support.


FEEDER BULLS                                                         FEEDER STEER                    

NO TEST                                                                      NO TEST


FEEDER HFRS                                                              PAIRS                                     

NO TEST                                                         

                                                                  WEIGHING BEEF COWS

SLAUGHTER COWS                            

TOP HOLSTEIN $55.00                                                                HIGH YLD: $65.00-$62.00

BREAKERS       $54.75-$ 50.00                                                   MED. YLD: $61.50-$57.75

BONERS           $49.50-$45.00                                                    LOW YLD:  NO TEST

CUTTERS          $44.50-$42.00


                                                                                    BUTCHER BULLS

                                                                                    HIGH YEILD NO TEST

HOLSTEIN HFRS/STRS                                           MED. YEILD $75.00-$72.50

NO TEST                                                                                         LOW YEILD  NO TEST