Producers Livestock Marketing Association Annual Scholarship Winners

North Salt Lake City, Utah - July 27, 2016 - Producers Livestock Marketing Association (PLMA) is pleased to announce the winners of the new PLMA Annual Scholarship Program.

PLMA awarded $10,500 for students attending an accredited institution in the fall of 2017 and would like to congratulate the following recipients:

Haley Hall of Paradise Valley, NV - $2000

Thomas Shenk of Harper, OR - $2000

Mike Espy of Savery, WY - $2000

Molly Adams of Ault, CO - $2000

Bailey Jones of Eaton, CO - $500

Megan Noe of Denver, CO - $500

Sheradie Cowley of Salina, UT - $500

Shelby Swindlehurst of Unity, OR - $500

Marie Noel of Lima, MT - $500

Producers Livestock Marketing Association has sale barns located in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and California. PLMA operates as a co-op and a person is automatically enrolled as a member-owner when selling livestock through the association.

The Annual Scholarship Program is available to children/grandchildren of current member-owners of PLMA and funds can be used at an accredited institution of the student's choice; university, college, junior college or trade school. The Scholarship Committee consisted of PLMA Management at both the home office, local level, and a select Board Member.


Bob Elliott

P.O. Box 819, Greeley, CO 80632