To the best of my knowledge, cattle delivered to ___________________________________for slaughter have been handled in accordance to meeting Food and Drug Administration's ban of feeding identified mammalian derived protein materials to ruminant animals (21 CFR Part 589).  Requirements for establishments and individuals that are responsible for feeding ruminant animals shall entail maintaining copies of purchase invoices and labeling for all feeds containing mammalian derived protein products received for a minimum of one (1) year, and making copies available for inspection and copying by the Food and Drug Administration, if necessary. 

OR, I have received a certificate from an auction market or farmer/rancher certifying the above.  I will maintain this documentation and make available to verify compliance. 

Also while in my possession, all cattle presented for slaughter have been handled in a manner to prevent a pharmaceutical or agricultural chemical residue violation.  Label dosages, route of administration and withdrawal times have been followed, and only approved FDA pharmaceutical compounds have been used for treatment. 



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