Producers Livestock Marketing Association  
  Producers Livestock Marketing Associaton  


Producers strives to offer useful, comprehensive services to its patrons.  Below are just a few of the major services which we are proud to offer to the livestock industry.


Feeding and Grazing Program


Feeding and Grazing

Producers Livestock Marketing Association, (Producers) proposes to enter into a livestock feeding program with feeder/grazer's. Under the terms of the program, Producers will place livestock owned by Producers with selected feeder/grazer's. A feeding contract/agreement will be entered into between Producers and the feeder/grazer. The feeder/grazer will be responsible for feeding the livestock, and for any losses incurred. Producers shall receive the normal handling charge received for the purchase and sale of livestock and shall receive interest (which includes the cost of capital) charged at a simple interest rate. This interest shall be accrued and charged when the livestock are sold.

Click here to Review PLMA's Feeding / Grazing Program Proposal

Video Sales

We have Video Sale Representatives in every Producers branch. 
This is an exciting and productive way to market or purchase cattle.

To sell cattle on a Video sale, contact a representative in your local Producers branch. 


  Producers Livestock Marketing Associaton  
  Producers Livestock Marketing Associaton  
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